Whether your objective is to gauge interest in products before reordering, to collect pre-orders, or to allow users to be notified of products that are currently out of stock, we’ve got your back.


Collect customer signups on out of stock products

Add a seamless 'Notify me when available' button on your shop's out of stock product pages, collections page, and let customers sign up to get notified when products are restocked.

Instant setup

Simply install the app and a ‘Notify me when available' button will appear on all out of stock product variant pages.

Shopify theme integration

With a library of Shopify theme integrations, it takes less than 30 seconds to install.

Multilanguage support

Customize notification settings and text across multiple languages.

Product page button

Add a customizable 'Notify me when available' on your shop's out of stock product pages.

Collections page button

Add a customizable 'Notify me when available' on your shop's collections page.

Signup form

Allow customers sign up for restock notifications via a customizable signup form.


Automatically notify customers on restock

Instantly notify customers when you restock products in the Shopify admin.

Email notifications

Notify your customers about restocks via email.

Web push notifications

Notify your customers about restocks via web push notification.

SMS notifications

Notify your customers about restocks via SMS.

Instant and scalable delivery

After a store catalog is updated, customers will receive back in stock email notifications within 60 seconds.

Notification delivery settings

Control how many customers are notified at a time once a product is restocked.

Customizable notification templates

Customize your emails, web push notifications, and SMS messages to fit your shop's brand.


Admin analytics dashboard and reports

Comprehensive admin analytics dashboard and reports so you can use data to maximize conversions of recently restocked items.

Conversions tracking

Built in conversion tracking measures the value of orders placed by customers receiving Back in Stock notifications.

Products report

Easily keep tabs on which out of stock products and variants have highest demand.

Customer notification report

Track the status of notifications being sent to customers by Back in Stock

Daily activity reports

Receive daily or weekly overviews of Back in Stock's activity.

Data exports

Seamlessly export reporting data to CSV files.

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