Convert missed sales into increased sales

Back In Stock for Shopify allows you to engage customers who are trying to purchase an out of stock item. By entering an email address the customer will automatically receive an email alert once you replenish your store inventory. It's fully automatic and can be customized to suit you store.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to have installed this app.
It’s tripled my online sales…easy!”
Laci, The Rage

Stay informed

The product demand report provides a snap shot of demand for your out of stock items.

Stay informed and re-oder the SKUs customers are waiting to buy.


See you soon

Customers are notified automatically by email moments after you've updated your catalog. Purchasing the item is only one click away.


Easy and automatic. Fully integrated with Shopify

Back in Stock integrates with your Shopify product catalog to monitor your inventory levels automatically.


Built in support for selected themes

Specific support is now included for some of the most popular themes in the Shopify Theme store. If you’re running Mobilia, Responsive or the award winning Retina theme by Out of the Sandbox you get built in support for the theme's Back In Stock form. Beautiful!

And more

  • Installation only takes seconds with the built in registration form and email template
  • Localize the language strings to suit your region
  • Customize the email template using Liquid, the Shopify template language
  • Create your own registration form with the JavaScript API
  • All accounts include a 30 day free trial
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“OMG!!! Thank you for making this!!!”