Today our latest marketing integration is available: automated retargeting with Shoelace

We’ve worked with Shoelace to build a custom integration that combines the automatic delivery of Back in Stock email notifications with automatically optimized retargeting campaigns from Shoelace.

Meet Shoelace

Shoelace automates the process of creating and running a retargeting campaign. The Shoelace platform combines automated technology with human expertise to provide retargeting campaigns that generate sales for your Shopify store.

We wanted an integration for Back in Stock that would amplify the high conversion rate you already see from Back in Stock notifications and push it even higher.

With the new Shoelace integration you can have Shoelace create retargeting campaigns as your Back in Stock notifications go out. Reaching customers on multiple channels increases awareness and sales. The conversion rates speak for themselves!

Activate the Shoelace integration

To get started you’ll need Shoelace up and running on your store.

If you don’t have Shoelace installed yet you can install from the Shopify app store: Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace.

From your Back in Stock dashboard

  1. Choose Customize, Shoelace integration
  2. Click Setup Now. We’ll confirm your Shoelace account is ready, and enable the integration.

That’s it! When you restock a product with more than 30 unsent customer notifications we’ll automatically trigger a Shoelace campaign for those customers and that product.

To learn more visit the Shoelace integration article in our Help guide. If you’ve got any questions or comments please get in touch!

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