A new feature was quietly released last week. The Products report allows you to view all products that have a current or past notification recorded against them.

To view it, click ‘Products’ in the top menu from your dashboard.

You can sort by any column, including unsent notifications (your most wanted products) and sent notifications (your all time most wanted).

This has been one of the most requested features. I’m very happy to finally release it and I hope you find the data useful.

If you have any requests for additional functionality please let me know.

The standard email template has been replaced with a new, better looking HTML version.

The new email tempalte

The new template includes a big, beautiful product image with a Buy Now link prominently above it. Below the image is a short bit of text explaining why the customer has received the email, followed by another Buy Now link.

I think it’s a huge improvement on the previous template, and all new accounts will start using it automatically.

If you have an existing account you notifications will continue to use the existing template unless you want to upgrade. If you have customised your email template, and choose to upgrade, you will lose all your changes.

If you would like to upgrade to the new template you can use the Restore Default button found under Settings, Email Template. The new template will replace your current template and you can then apply any changes you previously made.

The layout of the new template is better, but more complex, so editing the template is also more complicated. A future is planned to include basic colour and text editing controls, similar to the Shopify theme settings interface.

If you have any feedback or questions about the new template please send an email to [email protected]

A small but useful feature release today: you can now choose an image size in your email template using the standard Shopify product_image_url filter:

Custom form styles, a long awaited feature, is nearly ready. This allows you to set custom CSS for the registration form, giving you control over fonts, colours, backgrounds and just about any other CSS property you can think of.

To achieve this the form is now loaded into an iFrame, rather than directly into the page. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry about it as you won’t be affected. If you do, and you’ve used this knowledge to set custom styles in your template you will find these styles will stop working (they can’t affect content in an iFrame). To resolve this, just copy your custom styles into the new custom CSS field in Widget Appearance.

This new feature is due for release soon. If you would like to test it out on your store, and you have some knowledge of CSS, please email [email protected] and I’ll set you up.

A couple of recent updates have included some exciting new features. The first is widget content customisation, which has been the number one requested feature. Shop owners can now choose custom text for all of the areas of the widget, including footer, button labels and error messages. This has been particularly important to shops serving customers in languages other than english.

The second, smaller, update is two new fields for the email template: Subject and Reply-To. Subject line allows you to customise the text appearing when a customer is sent a notification email. You can include things like product title or your shop name using the Liquid templating language, just like the with the email body template:

 is now available to order from 

The Reply-To field is a small but important addition. Some customers, upon receiving a stock notification email, hit ‘reply’ and write a message to the shop owner. By setting the Reply-To field you can control which address this is sent to. By default it is set to the email address for your Shopify account.

Enjoy the new features, and please tell me what you would like to see added or improved next!

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