I’m very happy to announce the Back In Stock is now available for Tictail stores through the new Tictail App Store.

Back In Stock for Tictail is a completely new app, designed to work specifically with the Tictail platform. Working with the Tictail team and their UIKit framework, the app offers a fast, consistent interface between the Tictail dashboard and the app.

Back In Stock in the Tictail appstore

If you already have a store on Tictail you can try out the app free for 30 days. Install it from the app store now.

Sometimes a product has only one variant. In some stores all products may be single variant products, and the variant title is left as ‘Default’.

For these products you don’t need the dropdown selector in the notification form.

You can now hide it with some simple Custom CSS. Under Widget appearance, add the following rule to the Custom CSS field:

select.single_variant_product { display: none; }

Refresh the product page and you’ll see the dropdown is hidden.

I’m pleased to announce integrated support for Mobillia and Responsive themes from Out Of The Sandbox, two of the most popular premium themes available for Shopify.

If you have one of these themes installed you may have noticed it comes with a Notify Me form built into the product page. Normally this form just emails the shop owner, but you can now install a snippet which will send registrations from this form to Back In Stock. It also in quick view popups, and in the narrower mobile layout.

If you have one of these themes installed you can setup Back In Stock to work with it today. Take a look at the installation guide first, then head to Theme integration to install the snippet with one click.

I’m happy to announce another new feature for Back In Stock: an optional Quantity Field for your customers.

For some products it’s common for customers to be looking to purchase more than one unit. Spare parts or accessories are a good example of these sorts of products. For example, a low energy light bulb may be out of stock and have 12 customers waiting to be notified, but each of those customers may actually need to purchase several of the bulbs. To help gauge the quantity of product in demand, you can now allow customers can now specify how many units are required.

This new feature was launched quietly a couple of weeks ago and has been working nicely for several stores. It’s now available for all stores on the Small Business plan or higher. To get started, read more about how the quantity field works, and then enable it from your widget settings page.

One feature that is often requested for Back In Stock is to allow shop owners to prevent notifications being delivered to customers. This can be useful during some catalog maintenance tasks: if a product will temporarily have a positive inventory quantity you can prevent customers being notified. Or, if you have limited stock of an item and you know it will sell out without notifying customers you might like to disable notifications for a day or two.

To use the feature, login to Back In Stock and click Account from the top menu. Uncheck ‘Deliver notifications’ and hit Save Changes.

While notification delivery is disabled you’ll see a message at the top of the page — just in case you’ve forgotten to turn it back on!

This feature has been tested internally, but because it’s not an everyday task there has been little chance to test it in the real world. Until it’s been tested by live stores it’s considered in ‘beta’: it should work, but the odd bug may crop up. I’d appreciate any feedback on issues you encounter. Just drop an email to [email protected]

I’d also love to hear about any situations you’ve found the feature useful, and ways it could be improved.

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