A certain number of unsubscribes from your email is inevitable. Let’s look at a few ways to handle it gracefully and effectively.

Customers unsubscribe to emails for a number of reasons. It could be that they’re getting overwhelmed with their email inbox, they don’t have time to read your updates, or they simply lost interest. Either way, you can’t prevent people from unsubscribing but you can make their farewell experience pleasant. You can even make them stay if you give them compelling reasons to do so!

Not goodbye but keep in touch

Give them options on how they can still keep tabs on your brand. Use social media to connect with them so they can still see your updates in other platforms other than their inbox. OFFICE News strategically placed social media buttons below their unsubscribe button so that customers can easily follow them.

Try the gradual goodbye

Perhaps your customers still want updates but they’re just getting too much from you. Give them multiple options in terms of the frequency they want to receive your email. Of course you still have to provide the unsubscribe button but give them the opportunity to think about it. We love how Bonobos did it with a dash of humor. Now once they give you another shot, make sure you make the most out of it on your next email.

You can also add this option early on in your emails the way Econsultancy did it. By giving your customers options to change their communication settings, you are lowering the chance of getting unsubscribes.

A little creativity and humor won’t hurt

Leaving a good impression on your customers is very important even if they have decided to unsubscribe from your emails. You can use cute images and clever lines to make their goodbye memorable. The Children’s Place used this adorable baby photo in their unsubscribe window. They also placed the SHOP NOW button as a way of drawing back their customers to the brand even without the email.

eBay, on the other hand, gives its customers the disadvantages of unsubscribing with a touch of drama and guilt trip. They also remind you how you can subscribe again.

Unsubscribes are inevitable but it can be manageable. By providing valuable and relevant content, flexible communication settings, and easy re-subscribe options, you can make your leaving customers stay or those who left eventually come back. It’s all about maintaining quality, flexibility, and accessibility. Make sure your customers are connected with you on other channels other than email so that you still have a platform to reach them for your updates. Come up with irresistible website offers to entice them to come back or subscribe again. Always leave the door open because you’ll never know when a customer would want to reconnect. And when they do, make it worth their while.

The talented team at Maestrooo have kicked off 2015 with their great new theme Focal

You might recall that the Maestroo team included Back in Stock support in their first theme, Woodie. I’m delighted to report they’ve kept up this support in their new theme, too!

Stores with Focal only need to enable the Back in Stock form from theme settings. The integration is seamless, so customer Back in Stock requests will be routed from the product page directly into the app, and visible in your Back in Stock dashboard.

I love seeing Shopify services working together this way - it’s great experience for both merchants and shoppers alike!

Focal is available now from the Shopify theme store and comes in two styles.

Grow your Campaign Monitor mailing list with Back In Stock

One of the most popular features of Back In Stock is support for adding customers to a MailChimp list. I’m happy to announce you can now do the same if you use Campaign Monitor for your mailing list.

Once setup, your customers registering for a Back In Stock notification can opt-in to your store mailing list at the same time. It’s a great way to grow your subscriber list, and gives customers a simpler way to keep in touch with news and offers from your store.

You can get setup from Campaign Monitor integration in your account, or read the documentation to find out more.

Kigurumi.ca has been selling fun, colorful onesies online since 2011. I recently spoke to owner Maria to find out how she launched her online store, and how she continues to use Back In Stock to increase store sales.

When we first started the store an issue we had was inventory management - especially when we came to that first Halloween. We were seeing half of our styles be out of stock for a long time and we had to learn how to manage that.

Read the full interview

Announcing integration with a another beautiful Shopify theme - and this one has the easiest setup process yet!

If you like clean, minimalist themes Woodie could be exactly what you’re looking for. Designed in house by the team at Maestrooo it provides a clean slate that lets gorgeous products take centre stage.

The great news is that with the latest update to Woodie support for Back In Stock is built right in - and you can enable it right from the theme settings!

From your Shopify admin open up Themes, and click Theme Settings for your Woodie theme.

Theme settings in the Shopify admin

Under Product Details click to Enable Back In Stock and hit Save.

Back In Stock setting in the Woodie Theme settings

And you’re done! Try it out with one of your sold out products. The UI, like the rest of the Woodie theme, is clean, beautiful - and fast!

Back In Stock form in the Woodie theme

Woodie includes two styles and is available to purchase from the Shopify Theme store.

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